all the pictures in this gallery were taken using the Olympus D-220L digital camera

Where da party at? - Road Fools New York MTV VMAs 2001
[09/19/01] The little zine that wont go away somehow managed to find themselves in New York once again, this time for a Shaggy diamond party thrown by MCA. The term "diamond" is given to those artists who have sold over 10 million records worldwide, and your boy the Shagster has done just that. Oh, and by the way, did I forget to mention that the 2001 Video Music Awards were going on only a few blocks away from our hotel? So marinate on that one!

Code Name: Gully - Road Fools New York 6/01
[07/19/01] The big city of dreams is where the Blaqman and I were headed earlier this summer to interview Stephen and Damien Marley, 2 sons of the late great Bob Marley. Reggae royalty, if you will. Redbeard a.k.a. Eric Pupecki, our resident reggae expert, came along for the ride too. The 3 of us rampaged through the streets of NY with one thing in mind: keep it gully!

Audiotistic 2001: Three The Hard Way
[07/01/01] I really don't like going to raves. I always feel pressured to try crazed out drugs I normally wouldn't even be checkin' for. But this was Audiotistic, holmes. I had to go. So I rounded up Kron affiliates Randy Kono and John Lee for the mission. Our goal: to get rocked off some vitamin E and catch LTJ Bukem spin. See what happens when 3 guys are let loose at this year's illest rave.

Kronick Road Fools in Atlanta: Get Krunked Up!
[06/14/01] Last time Kronick went to Atlanta I was complaining that we didn't go clubbing enough. Well this time the Blaqman and myself were on a mission: to get krunked up! We weren't gonna be happy 'till we got a taste of that southern krunk we'd heard so much of. Show me that Bankhead Bounce, Bia-Bia! So get ready, you're sitting shotgun, I'm driving, and Meshack's on the mic for Kronick's journey through the ATL.

Jamaican Road Fools feat. Eric Pupecki: No Problem!
[08/24/00] When the Kronick krew was given the task of interviewing Beenie Man in his hometown of Kingston, Jamaica we were excited but knew the importance of our mission. It was going to be fun, but we needed a proper tour guide to help. That's where Eric Pupecki a.k.a. DJ Redbeard came in. Not only was he a pro skater for City Stars and Axion shoes, but he was also a huge reggae buff. Plus, he was the only one of us that had a believable reggae accent.

Hong Kong Road Trip: The Sun Rises in the East
[02/04/00] Paul spent this past Christmas and New Years with his fammy fam in Hong Kong and China. It was the the first non-Kronick related trip he's taken in a long time. Talk about being on the Eastside. Besides the 14 hour flight from hell, the trip was a comlete success. Paul took a gang of photos, didn't break any cameras, and actually found some Hip Hop evidence (there wasn't alot, but he got what he could). So sit back and enjoy some photographs of Paul's adventure in the Motherland.

Vancouver Road Fools starring City Stars
[07/03/99] Find out how pro skaters put it down in the land of red maple leaves.

New York State of Mind: Part the Fourth
[07/05/99] By now we've become a little too comfortable in front of the lense which begs the question, "Who are the stars here?" Just another New York infiltration by Kronick, running amuck in the streets and forever marking the East with our territorial presence.

New Orleans
[04/01/99] Cash Money records.

New York State of Mind: Part Deux
[1998] See what happens when an unsuspecting record company sends Meshack and Paul on an all expense paid NY expedition.